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31 July 2009 @ 03:22 pm
Important News  
I just want to tell ya that I'm sorry, but I seriously wont be able to post any stories, icons or vids anymore because of these reasons.

1. my laptop that had everything on it, went copput. So I lost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Videos, Messengers, My Stories, Live Fics, All my pictures, Icons, Banners, Movie Editing Codex and Music is GONE. 

So I have to get a new laptop, but i don't know when that'll happen, and start fresh of getting everything back.

2. I am on holiday now, but I'm busy spending time with my family then on the 16th of August I go back to the dorms to check in and move back in then on the 19th of August I start my fall term of college. So I won't be on the internet at all coz I'm taking 5 classes and it's going to be a busy fall to where I am going to keep my grades up.