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07 November 2009 @ 12:32 am
College Basketball  
Okay, I admit I had a great time at my college's basketball game. Just to let ya know when it comes to games I only know my team's name coz its my college so I don't know the other teams mascots name.

I don't know why I'm posting this but I do know that I'm ubber excited to know that the Men's Basketball score

SCC (Southeatern Community College) Blackhawks 100

Floresent Valley 49

Though I have to say with the Women's Basketball, they seriously tried their best. Honestly they did.

Blackhawks 63

Floresent Vally 65

Oh I have to mention this, when it comes to whose line you think the Richard Simmons episode was hilarious, well when it comes to basketball there's nothing more hilarious when you see the Blackhawk mascot DANCING to Lady Gaga's Pokerface song. I seriously couldn't stop laughing at that and when it went over to head for the entrance it stood against the wall and made a security gaurd frisk him. Don't ask why or how I think its funny because it's funny when you see it in person.

There are two more games tomorrow well more like today in the afternoon so I will be at the game from 3pm to 7pm (I'm guessing that's when it ends) my time which is central so I won't be online till around 8pm I think. Oh man I'd be excited if the Men's team win again =D