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In the world of Dragons, Comedy, Paranormal collide I welcome you to my journal

this is where anything is possible, come and enjoy my kind of place

Hi my name is Crystal Polcaer Walker, sorry I just love saying my middle name, I did have another acount you can look on my journal for more info on that.

I am a college student going for a major in Graphic Design. I hope to become a novelist, graphic designer, artist, dancer, video editor and/or comedain someday. If I have to choose only two career to be out of all of them then I'd chose a novelist and artist because I enjoy doing both so much.

I love all things that are Whose Line related, basically I am a drama sitcom fanatic coz I love watching two versions of CSI, and I love watching House md.

I orginally joined livejournal on April 17th, 2008. I absolutely love to write fics of many kinds, but fantasy is what I am really good aat writing. I also love to do art, I have been drawing since I was just a young one, 3yrs of age, and since then my drawings have gotten better and becoming fantastic. I like to make new friends, I have friends all over America here and I have friends that live in the UK; I love to travel so I am planning on going to the UK sometime. I seriously love making everyone happy and laugh; my sister Hailey and little brother Hunter have gave me the nickname "DragonTickler" only because i love dragons and i love tickling little kids to make them laugh. Also, they love it when I make sound effects and do something funny (that's normal for me) Hailey and her friends just love it.


my banner that i won